French’s Dogs

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Saf in T-Shirt

French left his two adored pups behind, Zoe and Saffy. They were his babies. Here’s an update on their status.

Saffy was 13 when she lost her dad. She lived to a ripe old age of 16. She developed Cushings and it was treated successfully. Then she got breast cancer, had a puppy mastectomy and went on to live a happy additional year and a half. She was the sweetest girl, with never a growl or snarl, welcoming to all other animals with a heart of pure gold.

She was such a little beauty and French raised her from birth.  He used to tuck her in his pocket when he went to the salon!  Like a lovely little lady, her dad taught her manners and how to deal with people as they came. She accepted everybody as they were and you could always scoop her up for some lap time.  Her slightly bowlegged walk was the cutest thing ever.

Saff loved cuddling, and being carried from room to room when it was hard to walk so she’d always be close to her family. The handoff to her dad was beautiful and peaceful after a respiratory and heart ailment and we miss her always. But she’s with French now and we know he missed her. Somewhere they’re having fun romping in fields with lots of flowers.

Zoe in Halloween costume with Dad

Zoe in Halloween costume with Dad

Miss Zoe was always a handful but in the best way. Full of personality, protective, courageous and able to walk on her hind legs (which French called “wiiiild mustang!”  Zoe he was only 4 when she lost French.

Now a sleek and trim 9 years old, she battled back from health problems that caused her to lose most of her fur. Of course French would want her hair to be awesome!! But the vet couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Zoe also gained a few pounds and slowed down.

This saved her life when she was viciously attacked by the neighbor’s dog and had to have emergency surgery. The extra poundage prevented her internal organs from being punctured. Hooray! The evil dog owner did not apologize, refused to contribute anything toward her care, and instead wrote an illiterate letter blaming Zoe.

We were so pleased when she broke her lease. Afterward the vet finally diagnosed a thyroid problem. Zoe went on daily meds, regained all her fur, and lost all the weight. She was soon tearing around feeling like a young lass again. Her life is all about protecting us from the mailman and taking long, sniff heavy walks.


Zoe died May 9, 2017.  She was undergoing cancer treatment. She is missed every day. But now French has his girls again and that’s how it should be.